Messed Up Comic Books

Messed Up Comic Books
Image by Terry McCombs
Sometimes it’s just the cover, sometimes it’s the whole comic, but there have been some messed up ones over the years.

1. Before turning to “True Crime” stories, Headline Comics featured a gang of kids that were a rip-off of Simon & Kirby’s Newsboy Legion called the Junior Rangers, a number of the covers were weird, but this one? Hitler is a genie and…. Wha?

2. Ah yes, the immense treasure house of humor to be mined from capital punishment, in this case the electric chair.

3. There were a lot of racist images that showed up in the comics of the Golden Age. But YOW, this one for a Mickey Magic story abused the privilege!

Ironically enough this magazine also features the first appearance of another series character, Voodah, who was perhaps the first, and certainly one of the first, positively displayed black heroes in a comic book.

However for the character’s whole of his run whenever Voodah was featured on the cover he was depicted as white!

4. Ah Jack Chick, what can I say? A special case, but this one I think goes beyond the pale even for him.

By the way, please notice that there are 5 characters featured on the cover of the Four Horsemen.

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