Mountain Dew in Canada or ‘The quest for Caffeine’

Mountain Dew in Canada or ‘The quest for Caffeine’
Image by dbarronoss
In the US, Mountain Dew (from Pepsi) has a higher level of caffeine than coffee. It seems that the Canadian product is caffeine free. Is there a ban on adding caffeine to products in Canada?
One tired photographer, who was up from 4 AM till 11:30 pm almost every day….could sure have used his own brand of caffeine. I made it…but barely 🙂 My mind is still not quite all here…I’m about to go back to bed for a bit before going back to work this morning.

28 thoughts on “Mountain Dew in Canada or ‘The quest for Caffeine’

  1. Oh, yes it was quite fun to do the dew search everywhere we went, we eventually figured it was a conspiracy I think.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  2. Marg, I’ll let you know…when my brain kicks back in and I get my photos catalogued and viewed (I think it was…but not sure) 🙂

  3. @makeupanid , when investigating for Danny, Jolt’s label said ‘natural boost or something to that effect’ so I guess not caffeine, just other stimuli. I presume there’s some ban on some %level, like Oklahoma’s 2% beer thing.

  4. great shot, i laugh at your search for caffeine. There is definitely not a ban on caffeinated products up here in canada, just none in mountain dew. if there was a ban i would not have survived exam tiem.
    good to see that you had a great trip, look forward to seeing your pictures!

  5. Wow ! That’s a fantastic scenery, Danny !

    Love the mountains, the tall pines, the sky… and I see you’ve brought a can with Canadian fresh air – great idea for a souvenir…

    I bet the trip was terrific… with or without caffeine… 😉 Okay ! Get the necessary rest and show us the new pics…

  6. Welcome back, Danny and Michael! Glad to see y’all made it back in one piece.

    Regarding the 2% beer, I had a carful of frat brothers drive from Conway to Oklahoma on a desperate beer run once. I chose to stay behind because it was a stupid idea. It had already hit midnight on a Saturday night and liquor stores in Arkansas are closed on Sunday. They drove about 2 hours for watered down beer. They were not happy.

  7. welcome back and I’m glad you made it! look forward to the pictures. i had no idea the Canadians put the smack down on EXTREME beverages.

  8. I’ll chime in and guess there’s a "labeling" difference on things like jolt, since caffeine is often natural. Othertimes added. Your illustration here is top-notch. As expected.

  9. Mountain Dew tasted good, but I didn’t like it any more because of the caffeine. I don’t like soft drinks overall now. I don’t think they are healthy, many artifical stuff.

  10. You’re probably right Sean, I don’t think they’re good for me either. I should work on something to drink cold (for at work)…what do you drink ?

  11. do without bottled water, tap water/filtered water is just as good if not better. I just spent a week on teh west coast kayaking and the number of water bottles washed up on shore in extremely remote areas is disgusting.

    my personal preferance is orange or cranberry juice kept in the fridge at work.

  12. I think they should put the water in cartoon like orange juice maybe better for environment. At work we do have those bottles recycled.

  13. Our bottled water has a "new less plastic" bottle…so thin it is almost like drinking from a baggie. Someone needs to design a lightweight and washable water bottle for reuse. Everything I find on the market looks more like a sippy cup for toddlers or is huge.

  14. Well, we don’t have Tim Horton’s in Ohio. Wanna swap? I could really go for an iced cappucino right about now … butter caramel, mint chocolate, plain … they’re all good. Love your Mountain Dew landscape! 🙂

  15. Danny, Love your Mountain Dew mountain!! And your story. You’re the master of interesting information… even without caffiene:-))
    How long did it take to figure out that your Dew wake-up wasn’t working?

    Jacki, you are so right about cup designs! As for reusable, water bottles… I pick out a few 20 oz. power-aid or similar plastic juice bottles. I don’t care what’s inside, but purely choose for a size to fit the car cup holder and strong enough handle the dishwasher without warping or flipping & filling with water. Then I reuse.

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