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I was given this flyer leaving Oxford Circus tube on the way to a meal last night. I just love the text of the card, so utterly convinced in himself.

10 thoughts on “MR WAHABU

  1. I like "THE RESULT: Believable" – just to underline that he’s not going out on a limb with all his talk of evil spirits.

  2. his card was given to me a couple of weeks ago at tottenham court road station while i was waiting for somebody
    i read it and thought: yeah, right
    i blogged it, though 😉
    made me smile
    anyone ever checked it out?!

  3. Royal_23 – these guys are usually really nasty con-men; anyone who seems suitably vulnerable gets told they have some dreadful evil spirit or curse attached to them, which requires ever-increasing sums of money to get rid of. Once the hooks are in they will bleed their marks dry and beyond, one way or another.

  4. dear wahabu i am trying to contact you by mail
    & please need to conatact me on my mail i had contact & you have replied me 2c but i had lost our connection please contact me

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