My Frothing: Pressure-Heated like Semicolons Without Complete Sentences

My Frothing: Pressure-Heated like Semicolons Without Complete Sentences
Image by DerrickT

32 thoughts on “My Frothing: Pressure-Heated like Semicolons Without Complete Sentences

  1. Lit like you’re on stage, with an unexplained apparatus on your head – but one which still has its tag attached. Presumably it explains how to wash this thing after you’ve used it a few times. At the other end, it surely attaches to some USB port.

  2. Oooh. The shot illustrates the title perfectly. Looking at the image, however, I am hopefull that the sentences can be rearranged in a way that if not complete, still has a new semantic worth intense consideration.

  3. Froth? You know, you get better froth with skim milk! For sure. Oh and a little trick for making cappuccinos turn out better….put the flavored syrup in the skim milk before forthing…that way the froth tastes like the flavored syrup and not nasty hot milk! Those commie bastards at Starbucks refuse to make them that way!

  4. tamjpn: As long as you don’t get electrocuted; then all is groovy. 🙂 — Thanks, as always, for the comments!

    efo: Ha! The "unknown apparatus" is indeed explained if you look deep enough. 😉 …Funny you mention "USB port" after a rather interesting thought earlier yesterday. Thanks for the comments! 🙂

    kbozen: Why thank you! No way possible that this is "strange!"…;)

    pallamaio: Thanks for the comments!! 🙂

    Ricardo: It’s all about poetics. Poesy-floesy floating in the boats of untroubled flwata! IE: Water and spinal-tapped Shrims! I’m happy to read your perceptions, as always! 🙂

    Snow: No, no, no! Skim milk is only a pre-mature obscurity to hide what really exists in the frothy world! I’m not too fond of cappuccinos, but I do appreciate the word!

    A sticker seen on the back of a car: Starbucks Sucks

    Something about it being "over-used" and all such political hoorah. Obviously for looks-and-laughs (or not), but worth mentioning anyway! Unless they know something we don’t know! Ahh! *twilight zone theme begins* —

    Anyhow, I really enjoy flavored coffee. It really brightens my insides more than you know! 🙂 …Thanks for the comments you screaming Monk!

  5. There’s something extremely mysterious and exciting about this picture, it leaves me thinking and studying it. 🙂 Trying to figure it out as well.

  6. you are feeding your brain with the flowers escaping your mouth?

    starbucks, oh how i miss extra-hot mochas. i know it’s not real coffee, the real stuff is in these tiny cups they serve you here in fancy little bistros, but i’ve been americanized in this respect. give me something in a papercup on the go full of sugar, chocolate and a disgruntled minimum-wage slave’s spittle ill on too much frank sinatra…

  7. a breathing apparatus… a brainwashing device… a system reboot…
    i would say a beer dispencing device… but the lighting is far too sinister for that 😉
    fantastically psychologically futurisically strange!

  8. Christi: "Boi" — are you becoming Lavrigne-ish? 😉 Thank you, as always, as always, as always, sweet one! 🙂

    veggtabel: "leaves me thinking and studying it" — Perfect! This is what I aim for (most of the time), and even when I don’t ‘aim’, sometimes the less aim-able are with interesting criteria! Thank you for the comments!

    Haint: It’s crucial.

    thorinside: Oh please do explain. I really hope those wires and comfortable in their locale. 😉

    Cunis: I wasn’t "inhaling" anything, actually! In fact, I was holding my breath, with the end of the cord resting happily on the edge of my lips! 🙂 — Thanks for the comments!

    LornaLou: I’m glad you included the winking smiley. 🙂

    stelka: Thank you!! 🙂

    mel: "Brother" would have sounded better. 😉 — Thanks my friend!

    marinkel: Feeding my brain with flowers escaping my mouth? Wouldn’t that mean my brain was yeiling the feeding procedure? Planetary pow-wows hidden like a stanza between a betwixt!

    ‘extra-hot’ is certainly the way to go. It’s like chili. Eating chili only "semi-hot" is like trying to eat ice in an 400-degree oven. Eating chili hot, hot, hot is the way I like it. The kind that make the brain-drain run!

    "full of sugar" — yes! I swear I can’t have coffee unless it’s TORTURED with sugar! I also find it funny how there’s been "coffee talk" on this photo. The streams of consciousness is eating away at our system! Freud would love to analyze us. Them. I. You. We. All.

    New York, New York…

    Sinatra was a flarfist before it became popular. I’m willing to bet.

    Thank you for the comments! 🙂

    Lou: You uttered "bamboozled", so that’s worthy of anything in my book! What book? I don’t know. But I do know that I am always appreciative of your comments, no matter what they consist of. 🙂

    brain tunnel: Haha! Ah, thanks for the praise and for the I-feel-unworthy-of-being-mentioned-in-the-same-context-as-Terry Gilliam comment! I’m still wanting to get "Brazil" on dvd, but the only thing I can do is procrastinate and contemplate. Especially when I see it. I decline and get something else. Funny, it took me ages to pick up Persona, because of my consistent ‘over-thinking’…"Wonderfully bizarre" — 🙂 — Thanks for the comments!

    cept: Very, very ordinary, actually. It’s like flipping a rubber-band. Saying your A-B-C’s, eating, breathing, the natural. 🙂 …Thanks for the comments/praise/support as always, my friend!

    Thanks everyone!

  9. Aw, mate… I can’t even sit still anymore! After scrolling through this lot… my hands are sweaty. Truly! No greater artist than one who can produce a physiological reaction in his viewer (porn excluded. lol). Well done.

  10. It would be far too scary to unplug.

    A rejuvenated spin on the current of currents – and current – my friend.
    This one piles on particular penetrative pleasures perceived pensively & persistantly in a personified portrait of pain and pleasure.


    – panic

  11. Hmm…sort of reminds me of Nine Inch Nails "Closer" video–which was fantastic, as are all of Reznor’s videos. (those and tool’s)

    But the slight blur, the posture, the prop—all interesting.

    *kbozen said: "this is strange and strong. i like it." And i have to fully agree. Cool concept.

  12. I need one of those Derrick-flavored, frothing, creativity hats like a Faulkner stream-of-consciousness spew needs an em-dash beginning.

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