Namby-Pamby Spoonhead Eating With A Spoon

Namby-Pamby Spoonhead Eating With A Spoon
Image by DerrickT

69 thoughts on “Namby-Pamby Spoonhead Eating With A Spoon

  1. Hahahahahaha!!! Though admittedly, at first I thought the white glare at the tip of the spoon was a cigar being lit through an inner-galactical vortex.

    Alas, just a spoon. Still pretty cool.

  2. kara, m.10, gr33ncat, androidparanoid, billy: thank you guys for the comments! i am glad this tore you apart for a moment!

    Nancy: now there’s an idea! ha! i often feel as though i am pieces of debris crashing against other debris along the rings of saturn. i typically prefer parting with pieces of Pluto, though. yes. i know. only a spoon! i kept thinking of Soundgarden, but i didn’t want to seem referential. 😉 — — thank you for the kindness, as always!

    jenny: i doubt it, considering the fact that she was looking down into her bowl of vegetable soup. so, the silvery hair probably showed more than her face, although, one will never know. until, of course, i get the flux capacitor fixed! thanks for the comments, as always! 🙂

    solea: 🙂

  3. it looks like previous picture of your uncle brought light stright in to the iron helmet and made cup of soup ready.
    hot meal!

  4. wow how didn’t I see this one. it’s here 2 days already ( something is really wrong with my flickr- it officially went completely mad). This is so bizarre therefore wonderful. Excellent work derrick, such an imagination you have. I am interested to see the image without the spoon as well and it sure does remind me of Eraserhead .

  5. Thanks, thanks, thanks to all of you! …even though this may be coming way y y y late.

    judekyle: Ah, a great comparison there, my friend! If you liked Eraserhead and if you haven’t seen it, then you’d love Guy Maddin’s The Tales of The Gimli Hospital

    Thank you, as always! 🙂

  6. Ah, how time scoots along–seems like yesterday when I snapped this, and now, in this moment, I look through all of these wonderful comments, reminding me of ‘that time’, and somehow spilling me over with gracious fits of nostalgic rays! If I missed to thank anyone that I didn’t thank, then I thank you now. It’s incredible how a random look to Flickr after midnight to see that someone had ‘favorited’ this image (thank you, by the way) provokes another read-through of all of the comments from ”years ago.” Much love to all of you, if any of you see this comment!

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