Occlupinid Collection:

Occlupinid Collection:
Image by Laser Burners

8 thoughts on “Occlupinid Collection:

  1. remember this? the collection grows.

    and if you ever have something with an occlupinid on it, like spelt bread or bulk foods or whatnot, dont trash it. send it to me. a google search indicates that not many people collect these, so im trying to corner the market.

  2. holy haplognathids! for some reason i never bothered to type "occlupanid" into flickr, cause well who else would adopt such a nomenclature other than myself? well, you, apparently! If you’re still collecting, i’d love to heretofore establish a bi-coastal species trade protocol!

    btw, i have recently refurbished the occlupanid site.

    i’m especially intrigued by the miso-paste occlupanids, very unique!

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