oddly shaped butter

oddly shaped butter
Image by Rakka
while in seattle i’ve bought two packs of butter.(i made some mac and cheese and some banana bread. that really takes a lot of butter.)

look at the way the butter’s packaged! it’s still 8 tbs/ half a cup/ 113g/ 4 oz of butter but it’s molded all differently than any butter i’ve ever used. it’s shorter and fatter.

the first package i bought i just thought "weird." and chalked it up to the particular brand at that particular store. but after having gone to another store and bought another brand of butter i’m starting to see a trend…

that’s all. i don’t know why this has affected me so much. HAHA!

11 thoughts on “oddly shaped butter

  1. HAHAHA!!!! it’s got all of its bases covered, jens! :D! (i particularly like that it does the converstion for me! ;D!)

    and the company is supposedly farmer owned. but i don’t know about that for sure yet… ;D!

    LAUGHING!!! that’s a GREAT one, niff!!! :D!!!

  2. that’s more like how it is in Britain. When using American recipes it often mentions part of a ‘stick’ of butter, at which point I always freak out and can’t remember whether it’s the same quantity as it comes in in Britain, only a different shape. I still don’t remember…

  3. you know, ld, the more i learn about seattle the more i’m conviced that we took a wrong turn outside of boise and ended up moving to the u.k.! HAHAH!!

    i think your stick of butter is the same as a stick of butter over here. 113 grams, right?

    i’ve used an american stick of butter in a british recipe that called for a stick of butter and it turned out fine.

    of course, maybe i’m wrong……i’m really bad at conversion without a chart…

  4. I dunno if it’s the same because there’s none in the house and I can’t eat it anyway. I tend to think that yes you have moved to Britain. That’s the simplest explanation, right?

  5. it’z totally buttah, nanny! ;D!

    oh no! is it a lactose intolerence, ld?? (sorry to be so nosy…)

    yeah, i’m pretty sure we’re in the u.k. that would definately explain why it took so damn long to drive here! LAUGHING!!!!

  6. haha yeah.
    There’s loadsa stuff I can’t eat, essentially because my digestive system doesn’t work right. I like it when people are nosy!

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