Operation Tannenbaum

Operation Tannenbaum
Image by jah~
The weirdest, coolest ornament we own…

9 thoughts on “Operation Tannenbaum

  1. Is this the ornament you were talking about? Quirky-cool–I love it! I hate playing that game, though. I have a near heart attack each time I hear that confounded ZAP!

  2. @Horst: In the original game by MB, the big fella holding the star was where the tree is now, and he had slots for his heart, bones, etc. You used tweezers to extricate the items in a bizarre play ‘operation.’ The sides were electrified and if you didn’t have steady hands like a surgeon, you’d get buzzed and your turn would be over. They’ve made a parity of this into my little ornament.

    @Jen: It’s been years since I’ve played, but I remember it being pretty ruckus.

    @catty: thanks!

    @Abi: Yup, your creepy Santa beats it for the zany factor tho. Good thing for the game. I’m sure it changed many a folks mind about becoming surgeons!

    @Eric: Thanks bro

    HEY! Did anybody notice there’s a sp. checker in here now? I guess peeps got tired of my atrocious spelling…

  3. @Eric: if you don’t misspell anything, you wont notice, but it gets dot underlined in red like MS Word squiggly underlines….

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