~ OUCH ~

~ OUCH ~
Image by Mohammed Alnaser
I really have no clue what kind of accident happened to this crocodile in his childhood and made his jaw like this, what I know for sure, he was so old and very big.

I am still puzzled also why people threw some coins all over him….donation…..fear…..religious practice? I dunno!

and by the way, my previous post of ~ THE EYE ~ belongs to this creepy crocodile.

12 thoughts on “~ OUCH ~

  1. OMG what is that???
    reminds me of someone i know 😛 an old canadian prime minister lol.. oh and a lebanese prime minister too 😛

    alf shukr 2ilak ya rab..

  2. hi khayal….a sad shot…but the old chap made it thru…thts life…n coins…well whn thr is smthin unusual..superstitions dont take time to mushroom …. probably for good luck as he is one of its kind.

  3. i saw these abnormal crocodiles in lankgawi too…
    i was surprised, some had one short leg and one long, or something like this one here….

    poor them 🙁

  4. These crocodiles when they were small their owners didn’t bother to switch to a larger tank while they were growing. By the time they were rescued their beaks were pushed to the walls of their confinement and still growing.
    Now they happy live in a bigger place and people throw coins to donate money to the poor guy, I saw them in Langkawi.

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