Power Figure Doll Sculpture

Power Figure Doll Sculpture
Image by Shain Erin
Power Figure Doll Sculpture

I’m working with a lot of different ideas and concepts here but basically this is my art doll version of African power figures – especially Nkisi and Bocia figures.

Her deformities are based on neurofibromatosis.

Her right arm (the little one) is antique German bisque: the rest of the figure is hand-made/hand-sculpted by me in fabric, Magic Sculpt and PaperClay.

Additive material includes fabric, fiber, beads and antique doll parts.

Power Figure Doll Sculpture
Handmade, OOAK art doll. 12 inches tall.
Mixed media including fabric and Paperclay.
Copyright © 2009, Shain Erin. All rights reserved.

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  1. Thanks so much everybody for the kind comments; I really appreciate it!

    Ojimbo: Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen his work before – very interesting.

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