P&S love

P&S love
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Well, first an embarrassing confession: I misplaced my running shoes, the ones I walk in. Not for a day. Not for a week. They were missing for two months. I found them when I was packing up the car to take Daughter #1 back to school. They had been in the trunk ever since I had brought Daughter #1 home at the beginning of the summer. Uh, yeah, so I hadn’t been for a real walk for two months. (I had rummaged up a pair of backup sneakers, so at least I wasn’t confined to the house all summer.)

Anyway, I finally went on a long walk yesterday. Didn’t want to shlep the DSLR, didn’t want to be without a camera, so I did what many of my flickr friends figured out ages ago: took the point and shoot.

Now I’ve owned digital cameras for a long time, but never took a decent shot until I got the DSLR. Really. Never. So I was eager to see if maybe my new camera skills would somehow translate back to the P&S. The short answer is: no. The long answer is, when I started playing around with the manual controls (difficult, but not impossible) on the P&S, I got better shots. I shot on aperture priority, but the camera still has this annoying tendency to go too bright. But I found a clever exposure bias button, and I could darken the exposure a fair amount, and I was almost happy with a few of the shots I got. It won’t replace the D40x, but it’s nice to have a small light baby to take on long mainly-for-exercise walks.

Well that was boring. As my daughters would say, "Great story, mom".

17 thoughts on “P&S love

  1. I am a huge fan of this perspective in flowers…and I love the colors here…this is truly pretty. I remember when I only had the p&s and was so happy to acquire a "real" camera…now I love them both …each has its place in my life. I could so relate to your story…didn’t find it a bit boring!!

  2. so pretty! i find that my point & shoot disappoints much of the time, but once in a while, i get something good out of it. =)

  3. Wonderful shot, perfect merge of flower and light.

    I’ve never owned a digital p&s. I’d love to get one, but my photography wish list is long and I don’t think I can justify buying one.

  4. I’m shopping for a point and shoot for a Disneyland trip we are taking in October. I’ll have to make sure and educate myself on the manual controls! Great perspective here!

  5. Actually, not boring at all and very informative for a P&Ser like me who never really read her manual very well. I know my camera doesn’t allow much in the way of manual settings, but I could do more. I will have to see if I can find an exposure bias button.

    This flower is smokin’–literally. It looks like it’s emitting smoke. LOL!

  6. Your little camera did a fabulous job at capturing the papery translucence of the petals and a very unique color! I carry my p&s most of the time, my recent ferry reflection shot was with my p&s.
    Sometimes you just have to go with what you got!

  7. this is perfection. the color of the flower petals makes the light shining thru so intense!

    i just bought another point and shoot…i’m not ready for the big gun cameras….but they do make a difference. you take such wonderful photos with them. BUT it also true it’s really the photographer more than the camera….you have a fantastic eye…

  8. i’m totally with you on the p&s, I almost never use mine any more because it just gets me frustrated. this turned out wonderfully though.

  9. I like the perspective on this shot. I prefer taking shots with my dslr but some of my favorite shots are with my p&s because that’s the camera that I always have with me. You are a macro diva so I can see how the p&s would be frustrating.

  10. so much easier to get this view with a small p&s though! and i can’t set my exposure to manual or aperture priority.. so your p&s must be fancier than mine. 😉

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