Public toilet

Public toilet
Image by tiny_tear
I haven’t got a clue what the metal object is, any ideas?

17 thoughts on “Public toilet

  1. I like the various bemused smiles of the passersby, one has to wonder what they see that is so amusing? is it you, were you wearing a funny hat??

  2. Jeez, thank goodness I wasn’t in Brick Lane that day. I would have had to break my "This year you will not take a crap" resolution…


    Thanks for this!


  3. Sorry to correct the Great, but that’s not really a floor sander, it’s this years model of K9, next to a Doug Adams version of the tardis.


  4. The metal part is a forgettorator. You use it after you just stripped, did your deed in the open public, and are in dire need of forgetting the whole experience.
    Otherwise this is a great picture of a dramatic moment, right before the grinning guy in the black coat is going to use both – toilet and forgettorator.


  5. fantastic shot, have you consider sending this to the
    Public Space and its Discontents Group? BBC?
    best photo journalist document I ever seen


  6. Just goes to show that floor sanding is a shit of a job. Hence the toilet.
    How do I know this? I’ve been a floor sander and polisher for twenty years and on many, many days that toilet would of come in very handy.

    Great foto!

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