Really…I mean it.

Really…I mean it.
Image by Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits
Another graffiti find from South Congress Avenue in Austin. I thought this was funny. Most graffiti seems to be somewhat weird or have some political message or at least some artistic merit, but not this one. Just straight up spray paint! It’s painted on the side of a popular coffee shop there. I guess they love the coffee! Have a great weekend everybody!

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9 thoughts on “Really…I mean it.

  1. mmmmmm jo’s. i just got done having an iced turbo like 30 minutes ago. soooooooo good.

    love the photo too.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  2. The lower case letter i reflects the author’s diminished self-esteem
    Mixture of printed letters and script suggests psychic fragmentation
    and I have no idea what i’m even writing about

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