Roger is Stranger #62

Roger is Stranger #62
Image by johngarghan
Roger and his wife Lisher did not want their photographs taken, I met them while I was taking shots and they were very curious about a digital camera and in particular the SLR but adamant they did want to be in front of the camera. Lisher was so curious that she wanted to hold the camera and look through the view find in a sort of playfull way she pointed at Roger and took the shot by accident

I ‘m asking complete strangers who have the photogenic something if they would like their photo taken.and therefore join 100 Strangers Project.
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Roger is Stranger #62

9 thoughts on “Roger is Stranger #62

  1. Great capture however it was done. If Lisher is on the internet, and she sees this, she might be pestering Roger for a DSLR.

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