Samantha is Stranger #35

Samantha is Stranger #35
Image by johngarghan
Honestly it was the car that gave me the idea for the 365 photograph number 112, but Samantha is the lady who’s eyes are featured in the mirror, a shoppers car park is not the best place to find a good background, it was a nightmare waiting for cars and shoppers to move out of the way.

I ‘m asking complete strangers who have the photogenic something if they would like their photo taken.and therefore join 100 Strangers Project.
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Samantha is Stranger #35

16 thoughts on “Samantha is Stranger #35

  1. Well honestly J. This one was well worth the ask.
    What a great face, there is a tiny bit of apprehension in the eyes but she is also enjoying the moment.
    Your not cheating with this one are you? are you sure shes not a friend, if not she should be?
    Theres another earring shot in this one for your collection.

  2. This is a beautiful portrait of a beautiful lady. Do you give them a card with web site address so they can see their pictures online?

  3. Good idea from mdecker J. I would thing Samantha’s kids (or future kids) would treasure this one, gorgeous. They might ask a few questions about the car mirror shot though.

  4. [] The project gathered momentum very quickly and I haven’t had chance to organise cards but somehow I manage, its a bit of a back of a fag packet operation at the moment or inputting onto mobile phones.

  5. [] Your photo said that!
    Get a sheet of small sticky labels and print some.

  6. This is lovely J. Slight apprehension but a real connection. Your write up is so interesting Love her smile.( I had some freeprint cards done after a suggestion from the group. Makes it easier!)

  7. What a big natural smile. I admire anyone who has the b—s go and ask a stranger if you can take their photo. I’ve wanted to do it so many times. Thanks for the visit btw.

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