Image by ArSiSa7
fooling around with the paper-mache face mask

21 thoughts on “Scream

  1. yeah, i made it up.. that’s a paper-mache mask & it was supposed to look like a screaming samurai ghost or something similar to that, hehe..

  2. hehehe I love it too!

    Comparatively interesting and speaks a lot of the two frame difference and transition…

    Separately two unique worlds/personality.. But I would prefer the right frame… your real face speaks more warm and makes my smile better than the other one!…

    Did you made the mask yourself A?.
    It must be yours too..

    Salamat ken sapay koma ta Naimbag kayo ladta kabsat ken gayyem ko.


  3. oh well it looks like that Samurai Hiya Face!… very nice concept and I myself couldnt make that maybe. I might have done the "little circle" "big circle"… hehe..

    nice crafty mind and hand!… I
    know there a lot of you..:)

    and hey nice chang Icon:) that’s warmer and more beautiful !

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