Shadows Of The Weird Reich

Shadows Of The Weird Reich
Image by Kaptain Kobold
The new elements for my ‘Weird Reich’ army for ‘Hordes of the Things’ just need the bases doing now.

This is an armoured command airship, although Epic 40K players will probably instantly recognise its origin.

5 thoughts on “Shadows Of The Weird Reich

  1. : I prefer to call it ‘cutting corners’ 🙂

    I used waterslide transfers for the first batch of Weird Reich stuff I did in (mental calculation) 2004.

  2. I also find myself drawn to the dark side in fictional battles. It gives you some of the best things to chant when you are facing your foes and if you end up losing it is really for the best 🙂

    I do like the image a great deal, thanks for adding it to my group.

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