Simon – Stranger #57

Simon – Stranger #57
Image by Enthuan
In recent weeks, I tried to make a series of portraits in shops in Lille.

The first step when I try to photograph strangers, is to find a background context to take the portrait. Sometimes I find this kind of place when I’m walking and I expect to come across someone. And sometimes I run across a stranger with an unusual look and I do not care if the background is original or not.

All that to say that from one day to an optician, I saw the seller alone in back of the store and I thought a shop like this would make a dreamed place for an original portrait: hanging glasses the walls were a hall of glass and steel, among whom the optician would have made a perfect model. I almost entered the shop, but for fear of the reaction of the stranger, I had my way. Mostly I was afraid of excuses like: "I have other thing to do, I’m working", "You have no right to take pictures here" or "My manager is not there, I’m afraid we do not have the right … ".

I first tried a shoe store without success: the girl was ok but she was afraid for the image of the brand without hier manager, she did not want to take any risks. I later regretted not having insisted because I felt she was hesitating and in all cases, the brand is not visible as the background is blurred. It is just a person in a shop. I do not speak ill of the brand, I do not even speak about it …

Spending a few days later in Lille, I walked into a shop skateboards. There he sells clothes, shoes, etc. boards.

This is where I met Simon. He works in the shop for about two years. He kindly agreed to be the first stranger of the serie of portraits in the shops.

Thanks to him!

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

Fujifilm X100

Find the french description on my portfolio

5 thoughts on “Simon – Stranger #57

  1. Antoine – This is a different, and unique way of approaching the stranger portraits – I really like it!

    I followed a subject into a shop once but feared they wouldn’t let me photograph inside so gave up, maybe I should have tried…

    This is in fact a great idea when the weather is not so good, raining, cold etc.

    Simon has a solemn, kind face I think.

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