So Much Fun in Suburban Kent – Fancy Hedge – Jan 2011

So Much Fun in Suburban Kent – Fancy Hedge – Jan 2011
Image by gareth1953 the original
Before the wife and I went to Worthing to buy a dog we visited a woman in Biggin Hill to see what puppies they had for sale. Unfortunately we were too late as the last one had just been sold but we did get to see a Bichon for long enough to know this was the type of dog we were looking for.
While we were running around the suburbs we came across this in somebody’s front garden. I hopped out and asked the owner if I could take a picture and he agreed but before I could talk to him about it he just wandered off. Obviously as weird as his creation. Touch of the ‘Monkey Island’ about this that I quite liked. Thought it mildly amusing.

24 thoughts on “So Much Fun in Suburban Kent – Fancy Hedge – Jan 2011

  1. Glad Iain and Helen that you both enjoyed this. I can only imagine what our neighbours would say if I got all imaginative with our hedge though I have to say it wouldn’t stop me doing it if I felt so inclined.
    I have added a short description about how and why I took this picture if you are interested. It normally takes me a few hours to add a little something by way of a description to my pictures,

  2. With only 12 views at this time yesterday I was going to write that this picture though not exactly popular at least has a loyal following of the lovers of the absurd but something strange happened at midnight last night. Somebody liked this picture so much they put it on his/her Facebook page and lo and behold I got 20 hits in an hour. Sadly this person has as few a number of friends as I do and the hits have dried up. For one moment I had hopes it might go viral and that thousands would flock to see it.
    Nevermind there is still time. Like winning the lottery…. it could still happen….. though probably not!
    Thanks for visiting and you never know I might come see yours soon as well…..

  3. Well it may yet go global as I have just had 177 hits in 90 minutes on this picture after none in the last 2 days.
    What’s Going On! as Marvin Gaye once sang.
    You will notice however that it did not receive a single comment so I will have to assume it left them all speechless.

  4. [] If the viewers are not members of Flickr, they can’t make comments! 🙂 If it’s linked to a blog, then they probably aren’t.

  5. It took a lot of hard work Gareth but it sure is funny and well done. That really is the secret isn’t it – having your camera available when you see something good? We had a Bichon for 14 years and the only problem (apart from the fact that he thought he owned the house) was when he died, I still miss him. I am not relieved at 11-13 Gareth – I have so little hair left I have taken to going around with a tea cosy on my head. Talk about frustration? Plan B????????

  6. Celia, thanks for adding this to your faves and your gallery but are you up very late like me or have you just got up very early unlike me?
    I see you faved Helen’s purple sunrise in Lewisham as well. Great choice.

  7. Thought I would update the situation regarding this picture. Yesterday it became my 12th picture to 1000 hits and the first that does not feature an attractive woman. On 16 of the last 28 days it has not been seen at all but on 2 days it was seen over 150 times. As for the rest, if the picture is seen it is always seen over 30 times. I would be fascinated to know who is seeing this picture and how they are finding it but, sadly, the referrers info never mentions a group or a blog just the name of the picture. I really do hope it is not some ^ individual returning again and again to look at it but then again if it makes someone happy why should I complain.
    So while it hasn’t gone viral and been seen around the world I am quite pleased with its performance.
    Just thought you might like to know.

  8. Hahaha! Maybe people are googling ‘fun in suburban Kent’!! 🙂
    From personal experience, I’ve found that if your title has even the remotest insinuation of sex, it’ll get loads of hits!! (Remember that!!)

  9. Helen funny you should say that as I got one hit today from just such a reference. I trust that wasn’t you, Was It!
    BTW I tag al my pictures ‘upskirt’ and ‘beautiful young woman’

  10. 14/02/12 Update. This picture started the day on 1396 views and at 4:00 pm it became my 33rd picture to 2000 views having been seen, probably by the same person, 607 times in 16 hours and there was me thinking I was the only person with too much time on my hands.

  11. [] Well you have over 4000 views now!! 🙂 It still raises a laugh!

    (Seen again in Sarcoptic Mange.)

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