Something strange happened in the Essex skies tonight

Something strange happened in the Essex skies tonight
Image by Andreas-photography
While watching the meteor shower tonight , we kept noticing this odd flashing across the sky, Not just me but also the other 25 saddos that stay up to watch these things

also my son text me from Broaks wood as he was frightened as there was flashing in the sky

I turned the camera round in the direction of this strange light flashing across the sky and here is what I captured, what is it? it continued for about 1 hour 20 mins , clear skies The meteor shower was a good one as well

19 thoughts on “Something strange happened in the Essex skies tonight

  1. Great illumination, both inside and outside the car… and the positioning of the car beside the mini earthquake is perfect.

  2. great shot – I saw a number of flashes to the east and also a couple of objects that I would have put down as aircraft had they not appeared to be circling as they made their way across the sky.

  3. I can explain the green glow in the car, if you look closely you can just make out my two kids, They had the music on and the display panel in the car is green. I also hand held flashed the car with my flash gun, this is an old farm track nears St Andrews airfield, the dark bit to the left of the picture is a mound of poo!!

  4. We stayed up to see the meteor shower bu unfortunately did not see anything else. I think BRIAN-MN is right it looks like the northern lights, but then wouldn’t we all see it? By the way stunning shot.

  5. I dont know, I have seen them once before on the Essex coast where they did appear to be like flash,s of sheet lightning,
    Last night every now and then a random flash may be in burst of one flash or up to 4 at a time just kept happening, The sky was clear I checked lightning data none in the UK, So guess it really must be the Northern lights I,m well chuffed if it is

  6. Very effective Andrea, and the wide angle accentuates the drama. Is this St. Andrews airfield between Stebbing and Shalford? My Dad used to fly there when I was in my teens.

  7. Just would like to add for the trolls that follow me around the net, namley the cuckoo forum ones, yes I havent hide this was opened and converted in CS5 as with every image I take it was taken in RAW. presume as you use point and shoots you wouldnt know that.

    So glad you enjoy my blog as well and oh yes the EGO article was aimed at image makers in general.

    Oh and I think all the people that commented on here do know a great deal more then you do about photography.
    BTW every one of my image is embedded with a copyright and that copyright takes me to every site that an image is mentioned on

    Last but not least I am chuffed that you find me so exciting that you have to follow me around the net. Perhaps I should start producing little fan club badges

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