Soviet Deep Winter Trooper with RPG-X

Soviet Deep Winter Trooper with RPG-X
Image by enigmabadger
Weird Cold War action in the deep freeze!

RPG-X created with the BrickArms MAAWS, M2HB barrel, and Howitzer Shell. The printed Ushanka was also a gift from Will; definitely spiffy!

14 thoughts on “Soviet Deep Winter Trooper with RPG-X

  1. This looks great badger! It’s rare to see a weird war Soviet, and this one looks awesome! The combos work really well together =)

  2. Wow, that’s neat! We had experimented with similar combinations before, but we never thought to put the M2HB barrel in backwards. Very cool 😉

  3. Gosh, I’ve got to start experimenting with my two M2HB barrels; otherwise, the awesome creativeness of badger will dominate. LOL! Great job, badger! 🙂

  4. [] I really don’t want to "dominate" anything; I’ll admit, one part about these kinds of builds I like is that just about anyone can do them.

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