Spathicarpa hastifolia

Spathicarpa hastifolia
Image by Eric Hunt.
Synonym: Spathicarpa sagittifolia

Species from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay

This is the strangest flower I’ve ever seen – surpassing even some of the weird Pleurothallids out there. Thanks to SuperFantastic for the ID!

Photographed at the Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

16 thoughts on “Spathicarpa hastifolia

  1. …but it does produce an initial thought of "pleurothallid" – perhaps the strangest aroid that I’ve seen (with ‘strangeness’ being a malleable term), if not the strangest flower.

  2. It is a spathacarpa species. I have a few forms. A good pic of the leaf and I maybe able to ID which species it is.

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