Strange attractor?

Strange attractor?
Image by kevin dooley
I have been posting, and will post several more Philly shots. This one is too, but what the heck, it’s the weekend, so why not go AbStRaCt.

The pattern has a weak fractal form, and is made "interesting" because of the quasi-periodic loops. If we consider the way it was made, it can give us more general insight into how certain patterns come about… The picture was made by moving the camera in a fast, circular motion while aiming at street lights below my hotel window. The "rectangular" regularity of the street lights induced self-similarity amongst the loops, and the jerkiness of my motion made the loops less-than-perfect. While not technically a chaotic "strange" attractor, it depicts a low dimensional nonlinear dynamical system, so that’s close enough…

#348 in Explore, 8.11.2007

33 thoughts on “Strange attractor?

  1. Huh!?
    I have weak eyesand a chaotic mind and I ‘m not too sure of the dimensions of my dynamic system – but it is non-linear. Perhaps that is what is strangely attractive about this picture!

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    Get Your Geek On!

  2. this is very attractive and while I don’t really understand the technical details of the caption, it does open up possibilities . . .

  3. I love the random patterns that occur on flickr. How people find others that they think are interesting or exciting and how that in turn opens up whole new pockets of fascinating ideas and images.
    Great image here in relation to the text. I’m so glad you made contact with me today!

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