Strange Fungus.

Strange Fungus.
Image by JohnnyEnglish
I came across this ”strange growth” on the Old Tram Road, not far from the tram bridge.
It struck me as really strange, like lots of scallop-shells piled on top of each other!
It’s growing from a fallen tree-trunk. It’s a good 2 feet across.

24 thoughts on “Strange Fungus.

  1. looks like a pile of pancakes, quite yummy !

    lovely colours, I rather like the fungus (that lives amongst us ! ), it comes in such a wonderful array of shapes and colours.
    I grew some seeds the other month and tiny weeny fungus grew ( better than the seeds actually ) from the compost.
    Good one David : )

  2. You’re right Helen, this one does look like a pile of pancaces. I’m constantly amazed by the seemingly-endless variety of shapes, colours and textures that exists in the world of fungi.

  3. This is ‘Chicken of the Woods’ fungi. Edible when young with the texture of….chicken. Really. Found on all sorts of deciduous tree species, mainly Oak. Do not eat if found on Yew.

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