Stranger 006

Stranger 006
Image by I_am_Allan
Meet Marcella and her slightly out of focus friend, Adriana.

I’m in Dubai for work again, this time for 2 weeks. Friday (weekend here) I took a desert safari tour with Desert Rangers. if you’re ever in Dubai I highly recommend it. You start bashing dunes, I took a dune buggy but you can stay in the comfort of your air conditioned car with a driver too.

After the dune bashing it’s back to their compound for a buffet dinner, entertainment and shisha (hookah)

I sat in the shisha tent early. I was about ready to leave when Marcella and Adriana came in the tent. At that point there were no free hookahs available, so I offered they take mine (the white tip you see is plastic that gets changed, so it’s hygienic!)

Marcella and Adriana are visiting from Mexico. Unfortunately Marcella’s camera had some problems. I tried to help but I think it needs to go back to Sony.

I took a few pictures of these two, but this was my favorite despite only one of them being in focus (oops!)

Marcella and Adriana are #6/100 strangers. Learn about the 100 Stranger project here:

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