Stranger #3

Stranger #3
Image by ahoy_matey
I shot this woman about 15 minutes after Stranger #2… This time I asked for a photo right after the train left a stop so there was no chance of her getting up and walking off before I could get in a few shots. At first she smiled and I took a few shots. Then I talked a few minutes and took a few more shots to get the more natural shots like this.

I have no idea what is up with the guy in the back. I couldn’t see his eyes and he didn’t so much as scratch his nose the entire time. I motioned to engage him once but he didn’t move. I figure he was either sleeping or pretending to be asleep.

One other shot of her is posted here –…

This picture is #3 in my 100 strangers project. Follow my progress at See more about this project at

5 thoughts on “Stranger #3

  1. Thanks, New Dad. She had her headphones so loud another woman on the train asked her to turn them down. She turned them down briefly then right back up and smirked at me. I think she liked defying the woman just for the fun of it. It was so loud I don’t think she could have been thinking about much.

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