Stranger #4 – Harriett

Stranger #4 – Harriett
Image by pinkangelbabe
This is my last stranger from Hove Beer festival! And my first female stranger!

This is Harriett. The reason she’s laughing is because her friend is trying to put her off by saying rude things (which I’ll not repeat here!)

I met Harriett on the stairs down to the bottom bar. I didn’t want to miss a chance as she looked quite friendly.
"Excuse me" I started "I know this is a really random question but would you mind if I take your photo? I’m doing a project on a 100 strangers for flickr and I thought you looked interesting. You’re not in a rush are you?"
Harriett looked at her empty glass "umm no I guess not. I’ve heard of flickr"

We didn’t really talk much, mainly because her friend was saying rude stuff but she did say that she doesn’t think she’s very photogenic – though i disagree. You can see an outtake from Harriett here

I did give Harriet a moo card so I hope she finds her photo – and likes it! Thanks Harriet for been stranger #4 and my first lady stranger!

This picture is #4 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

5 thoughts on “Stranger #4 – Harriett

  1. She looks lovely and you’ve done a great job capturing her given the low light conditions and the spontaneity of the shot.

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