Stranger #5 for my 100 Strangers Project

Stranger #5 for my 100 Strangers Project
Image by bgrimmni

Cristina works a little jewelry store that sits in my favorite side alley. It runs between the chaos of the main road of Cabarete and the very different chaos of the beach.

Cristina herself is not from Cabarete. She commutes via gua-gua from Sabaneta, but she likes the work and so the travel is worth it. While initially unsure about taking part in my project, she eventually came around and allowed me to take what is my favorite shot so far. Thank you for that, Cristina.

She was my last stranger shot in the Dominican Republic. From now on I’ll at least have the option of working in English as I explore New York.

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

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