Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger
Image by bigbluemeanie
I wonder if any of you have been sworn at and physically threatened for taking photographs in public places.

I have, by this man with yobbish tendenies.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

8 thoughts on “Stranger Danger

  1. Some people just dont know any better than to act in this disgraceful manner Mark, thats probably how he was brought up, you can tell this by how his daughter reacted too. Its such a shame that these are the qualities that pass down generations because they have not been taught any better or learnt any lessons throughout life. But on a good note….you did manage to get some great pictures im sure and at least you still got you teeth LOL!

    Its been lovely to see you back on Flickr again Mark and hope your family are well. Look forward to seeing more postings soon.

  2. Thanks Freedom. I have had my camera’s sensor cleaned so should be back to normal on the photography front soon. Now, if I could only do something about this shortening of daylight ….

  3. its a shame people act like that .i was told to get out of a shop "currys" when i was going to take a pic of a video recoder 4 sc hunt iask lol

  4. You might be interested to take a look at this:

    It’s a guide to the legal rights of photographers in the UK. The bottom line is that you’re well within your rights to photograph anyone in public (eg, on a pubilc footpath). In order to break the law, you’d have to be harassing them, which implies intrusively taking lots of pictures…

    A shop like Currys is OTOH, entitled to disallow photography on their premises. Stupid, I know, but private corporations have a pathological need to control their representation in the media. They basically assume that everyone with a camera is Michael Moore or Mark Thomas.

    I keep meaning to print this and keep a copy in my camera bg in case of such disagreements…

  5. I have been sworn at, at a car boot sale I expect he was selling dodgy stuff I hadn’t thought of that I will keep to photographing Rinpoches and babies and animant in future!

  6. Had you checked with this person that he or the family he was with did not suffer from any form of neurological problems that could have been triggered by any form of flash. Something to bear in mind when taking random photos of strangers.

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