Stranger Number One.

Stranger Number One.
Image by Yug_and_her
"This picture is #001 in my 100 strangers project. I started interacting more and knowing stranger’s names specifically for this project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at"

I tried telling a story from his point of veiw. 🙂

I am Assah Thamby. I live in Kuala Lumpur. When I was coming out of Murugan temple at Batu Caves, I heard some gun shots and a group of people chasing a man into a restaurant close to the parking area. Then I saw a huge group of people rushing in to see what was happening. I got panicked and tried to join them, but there was a barricade. Then I was looking around and I saw some people laughing about it saying its a film shoot of Telugu movie ‘Billa’ remake of Tamil one. I was relaxed and I thought its fun to watch a movie shoot, so making most of the time, I lighted a cigarette, and stood there with my daughters for a while.

Among the film crew, an Indian photographer caught my eye, to my surprise he came up to me and asked if he could take a picture of mine. I said yes, he clicked a picture, and he didn’t stop there. He said he wants to take some more shots while I was smoking. For the last one he wanted a serious face, then I figured what he was looking for. I asked him ‘like a crooked fellow?’. He was too happy for what I said and immediately said ‘yes, thats the one’. He showed those few pictures to us and asked my name and e-mail ID so that he can send the shots. I told him my name, but I don’t have an e-mail ID. My daughter gave him her e-mail ID.

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41 thoughts on “Stranger Number One.

  1. Story is good…. not very strange though. But, oh boy… this man really looks strange… no offense meant! Very well captured!

  2. Brilliant work yuga.. and I am sure you’ll bring more stunning pictures for us to oogle at :))

    This one is extreamly intense… I cant really believe the skin texture. Thanks for bringing it on!

  3. I loved the blue under his chin! You should have recommended this man to the director of the movie. No offence, but he would make a pretty neat character in Tollywood 🙂

  4. Stunning shot. like the narration. కళ్ళకు కట్టినట్టు అభివర్నిచారు

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