Stranger Portrait #16 – Mike

Stranger Portrait #16 – Mike
Image by bionicteaching
Mike is from Wetumpka, Alabama of all places (I’m from Alabama.). He first visited Philidelphia when he was 12 and moved up here because his uncle was here. Oddly enough, I know Mike was in the Navy but have no idea why he’s in a neck brace.

This picture is #16 in my project

7 thoughts on “Stranger Portrait #16 – Mike

  1. The neck brace just leads me to a million other storis. This series is so magic, glad you re-started it–even if for a only a bit.

  2. Appreciate the comments [], [] , [], [] , [] . This shot was at a really interesting church which was actually my original focus.

    [] – I’m back in the game, no "bit" about it. Call me on it should I fail to honor that statement. I’m going to do the full 100.

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