Stranger Portrait No. 42

Stranger Portrait No. 42
Image by chris zerbes
[Explored #14 – 2011/11/23]

Usually it takes quite some time for me to find another stranger, after just shooting one.But this time, I said goodbye to one person (whose portrait is not published yet) and the moment after that, I saw this man coming off a pedestrian underpass. It took me just one look to know, that I have to ask him for a portrait. He was very positive all the way with my project and very willing to be a part of it, and I think you can see that in his face, his expression is one of a very optimistic person. Thanks a lot for the picture.

58 thoughts on “Stranger Portrait No. 42

  1. Again, this is great, Lovely eyes, great skin tones. Perfect. I’d be interested in knowing if you do much post processing – anything to enhance the catchlights, for example (I know a couple of Photoshop tricks that help with portraits).

  2. [] Thank you 🙂 It’s not that much actually, the catchlights in the eyes come from reflection of the sky, i did not lighten them up.

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