Stranger Portrait No. 49

Stranger Portrait No. 49
Image by chris zerbes
So, holiday season is over and I finally found the time, to upload a new stranger portrait. I always have something like a plan in my head for the next 3-4 strangers I want to upload. But there was a hole for No. 49 I desperately tried to fill.

Also this is kind of something new, since I always published strangers around my age. Although I asked some ‘older’ (this sounds harsh…) people for some shots and actually getting some of them for a photo, I did not like the shot, which had nothing to do with the person on it rather than my inability to take a good picture.

So I saw this man standing on the sidewalk and I stopped and watched him for about a minute. He had a very sympathetic look and facial expression and I really loved how he held the cigarette between his lips. After a while I walked over and asked him for a portrait and he instantly agreed, I did some with and without the cigarette but I like this one the most.

24 thoughts on “Stranger Portrait No. 49

  1. Just wanted you to know that I’d noticed & very much liked your photo … really nice work!!

    (Sorry this is a cut & paste message but it just lets me visit & appreciate lots more great photographs in a shorter space of time and for you to know I’d stopped by and liked your shot !)

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