Stranger Portrait No. 52

Stranger Portrait No. 52
Image by chris zerbes
Sorry for not having uploaded any new photos in the last couple of months, but I was kind of busy, winter was there and somehow I did not want to upload any old photos, I did in fall.

But with spring beeing here, so am I and you can count on updates at least twice a week.

I have to admit, that this was the third time, I went out to find some strangers. The first two ones were utterly disappointing. It was a mix of too little time, not finding the right persons and me beeing unable to ask people, for some weird reason, as if I unlearnt everything. So I went out again, highly motivated to finally get some portraits and armed with the right amount of time until sunset. As soon as I made my first shot, I was back in my usual flow and approached people and made shots, as if nothing happend, which made me happy at last.

So here is my first stranger this spring, I met him standing next to a store, texting with his phone. He immediately agreed as I asked him for his photo. Unfortunatelly, I think I messed up the background, there is too much light in this little sunny spot, but I like his expression and the overall impression of the shot.

9 thoughts on “Stranger Portrait No. 52

  1. Nice to have you back. I always enjoy your stranger portraits; this is no exception. BTW: I think the sunspot on the right balances the window on the left. With the subdued background, it works great.

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