Synaesthete, Or, Oyezic in The Bathtub (Extra II) [Final]

Synaesthete, Or, Oyezic in The Bathtub (Extra II) [Final]
Image by DerrickT
Okay, so it is apparent that I am uploading from the archives now, even amidst all of the slacking that has been parachuting around me as of late. This particular capture was the final photograph of this set, and I thought, "oh what the hay — I will just upload the final one so that it ‘completes’ the ‘set’", so, yes, here it is.

I think I am going to take a short hiatus, but I shall be back quite soon. I don’t think I will be going into my hovel, though, so I suppose the "expected ratio" is a bit broader. In the meantime, I leave you all (for about a week or so) with some thoughts:

THE AREA OF THE TESTING CENTRE where no one wants to be adaptive.
The exemption will test the plans which turns into a predetermined level,
reading a mathematician’s m,i,n,d, with a mortician’s t`i`m`i`n`g. A silver
rocket is my tongue and here is where I enter a higher frequency
of a lethargic medium. People often choose the mugwump-view [referring to
the mouth like the theatre critic becoming the euphemistical stimulus
that transforms the echoing in the streets into a motion of reflection like yell
-ow-aged papers flapping against a light pole. Known as the torso’s eye.



30 thoughts on “Synaesthete, Or, Oyezic in The Bathtub (Extra II) [Final]

  1. the presence of skin tones on this shot really draw my attention. I love the others, they are insanely surreal, but this one is by far the best. To me the message in this one has been delivered with excellence: -Absurdly creepy to the most! and of course creative and inovative! Congratulations Derrick!

  2. So this is where it all began!

    I used to have a pierced tongue. A hoop in the tip. I still remember the crunching noise when the executioner drove the needle through.

    Be well, friend! 🙂

    My grandmothere’s nickname is TaTa.

  3. Another dimension! Love the subtle color tones and the composition. Don’t be long, Derrick – refresh and renew yourself – have fun and see you soon!

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