The hands look weird. 229/365

The hands look weird. 229/365
Image by Tenineight
The hands here look weird and red.

But I like the bokeh, that’s all.

I got tagged by several people to do a facts tag in the past few months and now that I have some time to actually do it, I figure why not? no one’s gonna read this anyways.

1. When I say i’m gonna rule the world one day, I am 100000000% serious.
2. I get depressed sometimes when I don’t get comments on my photos, I know I shouldn’t but I still do.
3. I wish I was rich so i could have everything I ever wanted. I’m materialistic like that, but that also makes me thankful for the things I do have.
4. I like just about every type of music…except polka. Well, I don’t know if I like polka, since I don’t listen to it.
5. I like acting stupid and waving my arms around.
6. I don’t get to watch tv anymore because the only tv in my house is in the 1st floor and my brother is always there.
7. I’m not close with my older brother, just my younger brother.
8. I like chocolate.
9. I lied in number 8. I LOVE chocolate.
10. I’ve never eaten a burger. Never The only burger I’ve ever eaten is a gummy burger. Does that count?


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