the strangest thing on my desk

the strangest thing on my desk
Image by jamelah
Yes, there’s a story.

This is the infamous beer cozy from my Australian pal Jason. This came in a package of other stuff (like a mousepad and a keychain with monster trucks on them), because we had this long-running (gag? joke? contest?) thing where we’d send weird stuff to each other in the mail. (I am still the all-time winner, thankyouverymuch.) I haven’t ever used the beer cozy thing for beer, but I use it for looking at and laughing, so it’s a fine, fine gift. Plus, sometimes, people see it and say, "Are those kangaroos… oh my." In case you’re interested, it says, on the non-humping-kangaroo side, "PARABURDOO INN Western Australia Home of Bullshit & Beer" so it’s really classy all the way around.

I know. I’m a sick, sick individual. Blame Jason.

Lurking in the background: monkey-in-fez bobblehead. Because everybody loves a monkey in a fez!

The strangest wigs ever…

The strangest wigs ever…
Image by ♥ KawaiiCloud ♥
What the…? these wigs are really strange :S…nice idea but…i think they are too short :S

Not my pic.

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