the tree of “suffering”!

the tree of “suffering”!
Image by freestone
tallahassee florida usa.

here is a camphor tree in a vacant lot, looks weird.
The vacant lot used to have Afro people living here, as once all of the properties did, as this area of the city used to be the "blacktown" in 1950 segregation days![Tallahassee, a southern city]
In the 50s many southern cities had it where a black man was not supposed to be downtown, in the business district, unless he had a written slip of paper on him, from his employee, saying that he has a reason to be here! After all….the blacks had their OWN shopping district!

So I "dedicate" this twisted tree to the sufferings of the black people during the segregational days in the south! The tree itself looks to have "been through the fire" of sufferings and pains, but now it grows tall and lush, high above the trunks that are visible here!

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