Ten Plagues Masks

Ten Plagues Masks
Image by Aoife city womanchile
These are the weirdest toys I’ve ever seen.

For those who may not know, during the Pesach (passover) seder, there is a part to remember the Egyptians who died in the 10 Plagues. This consists of saying the name of the plague, putting your finger in the 2nd glass of wine, and removing a drop for every plague.
This usually doesn’t take more than two minutes.

Thanks to these toys, it will now last for about half an hour.

Also, some of them are really messed up. The mask for the death of the first born sons is especially morbid, as is cattle plague.

My favorites are Lice, which is covered with googly eyed bugs, and Hail. The fire on that one is especially cool.

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