The Fork Dissolved Into The Face Acheiving A Similar Infinitude: The III’rd and Final

The Fork Dissolved Into The Face Acheiving A Similar Infinitude: The III’rd and Final
Image by DerrickT

25 thoughts on “The Fork Dissolved Into The Face Acheiving A Similar Infinitude: The III’rd and Final

  1. Your mention of the Baroque triggered "Rococo" in my brain and suddenly I am sailing up in the air like the shoe of the woman in Fraggonard’s painting "The Swing"! And you, lurker behind the non-chopsticks, you are the man hidden in the bushes in that same painting, behind the woman (your great-aunt) sailing above the timberline. Chopstick-timberline.

    Beware yon limber lines!

    góður, nálægur, langt!

  2. i am certain that you WILL continue to capture these moments….this is awesome stuff; i laughed out loud at the title, especially after the previous fork image –

    may you also continue to delight and astound!

  3. Hi D. The darkest one i think and the most creative is third. A lot may be said and more you’ve said already.
    Third is like many mirrors wich draws you trough total unsymmetry. Sound is breaking. Silence makes you listen to your own sound.
    Understanding that you going mad is past, far away. Things that scares you- smiling with you trough the daylight, but no one see it… it is in it’s own condition, waived up on bend’s in monotonous cycling.
    Clap stories, clap stories, c la p st o ri es
    Sudden tree brunch nocking on window telling Wimbledon-court-sound-like cl a p st o ri es
    Sound of basketball game on rewind vs. breaking trees on the wind.
    Screaming human in empty petrol tank gone with under borderline case.

    Here we go 🙂
    Thanks for coming up!

  4. I’ve looked at this quite a few times now…it’s really impressive. It scares me and conjures up feelings of anxiety toward growing old. I am not a poet, but you are, my friend…for certain. Great work.

  5. sylvia: swollen lingo — it is always existent. your natural selection of words always an appealing, chemical-free imaginatory escape. thank you as always!

    tom: glad you dig it!

    ann: your words are always appreciated! thanks, thanks, thanks.

    lou: yes, it will all become troughing and threadful, dependable-dloplis (i just made that up) and the oitful-liotuous (yes, i made that up also) will deciduously spank my brain’s bum. loving your kindness and words! thanks always!

    kara: i am loved! i’m feeling all Laurence Harvey-ish now! …but i won’t state which ‘adventure’ i am thinking of. 🙂 …thank you as always for the comments. and, i am still intrigued with the "book" of comments. how sincere you seem! 🙂

    john: i wouldn’t hold your breath! 😉 thank you for the comments, my friend!

    jou: i certainly that "pain" of yours has drastically diminished! no, wait. i hope that pain has completely faded by now, because i wouldn’t want you having a belly ache over a silly photograph! 😉 …thank you for the comments!

    grace: your words always reverberate deeply within. thank you, always!

    silverstar: …it’s just ‘your’ imagination (once again)…runnin’ away with ‘you’…oh, it’s just your imagination!

    thanks! glad it could spook you a bit! at least, if anything, "playfully"…

    cept id: in-depth fists of text, always a flood of appreciation! silence is golden, often feeding my ‘realm of color’, the tension for a single needle-dropped audible releasing more than a dribble. no wonder i am a fan of John Cage! recently bought Variations IV, which one excerpt consists of recordings of him on-stage slicing carrots. always a treat! and, one can’t deny the glory of 4’33". anyhow, thank YOU for the visit as well! continue to fill the hourglass, my friend.

    Nancy: i think, therefore i have decided that i am a red balloon floating about with it’s own personality. "The Red Balloon": a gorgeously beautiful foreign short film. a must-see! "rococo" is unknown, until recently, and i am chewing your texts, spitting them out, turning myself inside-out and swallowing the air that they contain, re-fueling and rebuffering // incomplete downlo//ads/ ../** */

    i am chisel’d to a pulp.
    boom-boom heart, insertion
    of the temperament.

    either that, or i am the chopsticks.

    grasping gently. thank you!

    and oh yes…

    Kvenlegur maður , Þakka þú. Þinn góðvild er oft langt og loka eins og heilbrigður! ÉG ást þinn notkun af Íslenska einnig! Hvernig ráðabrugg!

  6. ansel: i have to admit that she had absolutely no idea that i was taking a photograph of her. for one, she is "mentally challenged" but such a fun-loving and innocently kind person. she always means well. 85 years old. in fact, she is so in-tune that she often chases me with her cane (believe it or not) while i film her while my uncle is somewhere in the vicinity banging on pots and pans. weird? you betcha! …no one else was involved here. it was actually one of those "spurt of the moment" deals where i was messing around my spoon in-waiting for my soup to finish cooking. i couldn’t help myself, and even though the camera was pointing in front of her, she basically "ignored" it the entire time, not even realizing i was creating experimentations with her portrait.

    oh the fun! thanks for the comments, friend! 🙂

  7. Derrick I could have never quite perceived this image the way I did, hadn’t it been for your eloquent and,yes, poetic, commentary that opened my eyes to the infinitude of layers contained in the way we can see if, and only if we just dare to look beyond the shallow first impression that here sits a man with too much facial hair

  8. fantastisk.. it’s like your forcing the essence of these strange utensils back to the state of mere idea from which they once arose..

    good call on the icelandic. you been studying?

  9. there was a lot of big vocabulary in the title and description, all i’d like to say is from the thumbnail, i thought it was Jason Voorhees! 😉

  10. This is my favourite of the three. I love the shadow in her face and indeed the overflowing bowl. Creepy but sad but meaningful and rich. Wonderfully done!

  11. yeaah i must say its VERY creepy .. love the description and ur point of view of how things are.. and i seriously enjoy ur creativity .. keep em comin!

  12. You have a fascinating photostream. It is sometimes unsettling and sometimes haunting… but really brilliant and captivating all the way around. Great work!

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