The New American

The New American
Image by DerrickT

36 thoughts on “The New American

  1. hello Derrick,

    I neglected your stream too; hope you will forgive me. i’m not so well these times.

    I like the spectrality in this one. Something between "the ring" and "prince of darkness" (graphically speaking).

  2. Derrick! You are absolutely, unequivocably an original and rare talent. A genuinely unique alternative-photographer!!!
    How you pair words together like you do – – it’s overwhelmingly incredible…

  3. this is like the bogeyman in my dreams when i was little! quietly waiting and daring not to move as hesneaked into my? room,head or dream… i can hear him now!

  4. Fantastic work, glad I read it before the sun went down, not the kind of imagery and prose you want to view in a darkened room

  5. It kinda sacred me to whsiper the words because it’s past midnight here and I’m all alone… and the image creates a whole atmosphere… so I didn’t whisper, but liked it anyways

  6. i dig this derrick. your utopia of messy silhouettes is strange yet compelling. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, as always sir!

    cheers! 😉

  7. Wow, thank you all for your overly-lovely comments/compliments! If there were a vowel or noun I could express that would showcase my appreciation in a more truer sense, then I would certainly do so…

    but the words don’t always come out as I would like, believe it or not.

    ThankyouthankyouthankyouALL!! I am always appreciative…

  8. like capricious corduroy
    The dingy torn from me

    I love these lines and the light and shadows in your image! So original and creative, D!!

  9. If I didn’t already have a flickr name it would be whispering coma of light. cool poem to start my day with a whisper.

  10. Ufff…………….. I really tried to understand the hole poem….. but I guess I definetly had some lenguage problems……………:( ohhhh (Just understand some parts)!!! I really like the shot, its great!

  11. D- you must find a way to incorporate your words into this image – kind of like a Duane Michaels.

    As always – stunning. Stunning.

  12. The New American ….. stooped over by ….
    Lovely image but I see it as much softer and with a kind of gentleness about it that is apart from the poem’s tone. There’s more a sense of grace than oppression.

    I’ve been fine, my dear. Just needed to take a break and tend to other parts of my life.

  13. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Weekly Theme Photography, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    This Week’s Theme is "Unexpected"!

    I love searching my contacts’ photos for the themes, because I find awesome shots I missed like this one!

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