The Real Tommy Cooper is a Famous Stranger

The Real Tommy Cooper is a Famous Stranger
Image by johngarghan
I took this stranger photo a few weeks ago and lost the file on my hard drive and because of my old age I have forgotten the details of our conversation apart from the fact that he has met the other Tommy Cooper although I should say in the context of this project Tommy Cooper met Tommy.

Tommy Cooper, Comedian, Magician

When I was photographing people for the 100 Strangers project I found some of my models had famous names: Richard Burton, Paul Newman etc and I remembered one of my lecturers at Uni introduced himself as The Real Richard Burton, of course Richard Burton the actors real name was Jenkins

12 thoughts on “The Real Tommy Cooper is a Famous Stranger

  1. I have some famous people I know through my work – Paul Newman is one Jimmy Edwards the other! Not the real ones though! Super portrait and narrative John

  2. Always good to come across people who share their name with someone famous – the processing I use if Picasa3 – easy to use and so much fun!

  3. This guy looks like a composite, of Andrew Marr, Geoffrey Archer and Michael Heseltine. Cracking capture John. I fell foul of the over zealous admin people on 100 strangers and was barred. I mean at my advanced age of 58, the idea that I offended the sense and sensibilities of the heirarchy amazed me. I am a self confessed technophobe, and at the time I did not know how to use the software, so I have been barred, by none other than Al Fed. I am damned if I have to re-explain to this ——- fixated person. So his loss, is my time gain.
    Adios John.

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