The Shaver Mystery

The Shaver Mystery
Image by Felix_Nine
The co-called Shaver Mystery is a series of stories written by Richard Shaver, and mostly rewritten by Ray Palmer, mainly in Amazing Stories.

As bad science fiction the stories don’t really have must to recommend them, their notoriety comes from the fact that Palmer (whom some call the inventor of UFOs), and Shaver (who it seems may have been Schizophrenic), claim that the tales of an ancient sinister underground civilization and their super science were for the most part basically true.

This is a collection of just 12 of the covers that feature art based on the stories, as well as a Fate Magazine (which was co-founded by Palmer), cover, an ad for one of the few reprints of two of his stories, and an example of Shaver’s later “stone art.”

For a while Steven Spielberg the rights to these stories when his company was doing that series they called Amazing Stories. Frankly I would have rather seen these done than that weak dreck about cute furry aliens who love I Love Lucy or well any of the that mess they ended up producing.

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