the strangest thing on my desk

the strangest thing on my desk
Image by jamelah
Yes, there’s a story.

This is the infamous beer cozy from my Australian pal Jason. This came in a package of other stuff (like a mousepad and a keychain with monster trucks on them), because we had this long-running (gag? joke? contest?) thing where we’d send weird stuff to each other in the mail. (I am still the all-time winner, thankyouverymuch.) I haven’t ever used the beer cozy thing for beer, but I use it for looking at and laughing, so it’s a fine, fine gift. Plus, sometimes, people see it and say, "Are those kangaroos… oh my." In case you’re interested, it says, on the non-humping-kangaroo side, "PARABURDOO INN Western Australia Home of Bullshit & Beer" so it’s really classy all the way around.

I know. I’m a sick, sick individual. Blame Jason.

Lurking in the background: monkey-in-fez bobblehead. Because everybody loves a monkey in a fez!

8 thoughts on “the strangest thing on my desk

  1. I know I do. Fezzes for everyone!

    Undoubtedly, inside the pouches of each kangaroo are three tiny joey kangaroos also humping…

  2. I’m most impressed with the sunglasses…although I’m not sure if the kangaroo is wearing them because he’s that cool, or if he’s trying to disguise his identity.

    But yeah…that’s pretty damned strange.

  3. What you can’t see is that the kangaroo in front (on the bottom?) is wearing a hat and sunglasses, so I think there are definitely some anonymity concerns.

    Anyway, the sad thing is that I really had to debate with myself about what was actually the strangest thing on my desk. Because really, my desk is a menagerie of bizarre.

  4. See, you’re all assuming they’re having a chain hump here. I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation to it all. Like, maybe they’re just rehearsing a kick line, or … oh, all right, it’s roo group sex. Never mind.

  5. i see nothing bizarre about this, which means it would fit perfectly on my desk, as well (says she with the sheep wearing patriotic stars and a hat, sitting on her laptop)….

  6. That sheep is pretty awesome. Sometime I should take a picture of the menagerie of weirdness I have on my desk, which includes, but is not limited to two (two!!!) Jesus action figures, a monkey-in-fez bobblehead, the pictured kangaroos, and Johnny Depp. Ah, Johnny Depp.

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