The strangest wigs ever…

The strangest wigs ever…
Image by ♥ KawaiiCloud ♥
What the…? these wigs are really strange :S…nice idea but…i think they are too short :S

Not my pic.

13 thoughts on “The strangest wigs ever…

  1. Its a very cute idea yes 🙂 i would like one in red or purple colour and laaarger 🙂 haha Its a nice idea for a reroot though.

  2. It’s just like a Blythe scalp, except… they don’t sell blank scalps, so you have to take the current hair out. So, you can use the lock method for saran. Currently, I am very, very slowly working on a knot method mohair wig. So, I just pull some mohair through with a needle and tie a little knot in the piece on the inside of the scalp before I pull it tight. Odeco wigs are pretty time consuming for me personally though. So many little holes.

  3. Thank you ; )

    I’m thinking I could make one of these by making a crocheted hat and attaching that fringy loopy hair it lol

  4. I totally bet you could. That’s the thing I don’t get about these wigs. They look like something one could easily make at home, so why not mass produce something a little harder to recreate. I’m glad you guys like them though.

  5. WHOA O_O I think they might have missed on these a bit? Unless they were red and then our Odeco could be Raggedy Anne and Andy ahahahaha

  6. I’m not going to buy one, but I’m glad they are trying different things. When a manufacturer is scared to make anything they are not absolutely sure will be a good seller, that’s when you get boring, always-the-same dolls. Let’s hope they keep coming out with something completely different!

  7. hola!! te he vuelto a encontrar!! que alegría!!
    yo te seguia en tu blog, pero no se si lo has borrado porque no puedo entrar 🙁 y me encantan las cositas que hace… ahora te puedo seguir por aquí!!! y otra cosita, aún sigues vendiendo amigurimis… es que yo por tema de pasta no te he podido comprar nunca ninguno, pero en un futuro me gustaría, haber si me recupero pronto… jijiji

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