The Truth is Out There…

The Truth is Out There…
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25 thoughts on “The Truth is Out There…

  1. @Ant: Hehe, I have a few weird things lurking around my bedroom, one little alien fetus isn’t enough to scare me ;-D Thankyou very much!

    @lette: Hehehe, but of course ;-D

    @Terry: Hee! Thanks brother =D

    @m_terry_38: Thankyou.

    @Ian: Hehehe, you say that like it’s a bad thing!!! ;-P

  2. "ca-re-ppy" but oh so way cool sally! actually, i love the little guy 🙂
    do you own him/her? of course now, terry will want one fer sure 🙂

  3. @TW: Hehehe, thankyou very much indeed =D

    @Billy: Hee! Thankyou! Yes, he’s mine, he resides on top of my wardrobe in his little jar. =D

    @Khara: Hahaha, awesome, thankyou!

    @Ichimo: =D Thankyou very much!

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