The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro

The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro

WCW was a long-standing rival of WWE and attempted to take the battle to Monday nights with Monday Nitro, a show that competed directly with Monday Night Raw for 6 years, creating a wealth of famous in-ring moments for sports entertainment fans. Now, for the first time ever, the greatest moments and matches in the history of Monday Nitro are collected in The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro, a 3-disc set that captures the best of WCW from the show that almost ended WWE.

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    Is this the Very Best… or Worst?, June 7, 2011

    This review is from: The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro (DVD)

    I just got my copy of WWE’s “The Very Best of WCW Nitro” 3-disc DVD set and wanted to chime in with a review
    of the actual product. First, there is some confusion out there because some of the reviewers here on Amazon
    are listing this set as having these special features: Rey Mysterio vs Mr. J.L. and a segment called DDP Monday Nitro
    Highlights. These two extras are only found on the FYE exclusive version, not the version Amazon, or any other retailer,
    happens to be selling. The FYE version contains those extras along with a segment of DDP talking about being afraid
    of heights the night Sting saved him from an nWo attack and they escaped via Sting’s harness to the top of an arena.
    These 3 extras are only found on the FYE exclusive version, which is limited! So with that out of the way, here’s my review…

    Being a longtime wrestling fan (I started watching in the 70s) I can tell you without hesitation that the mid to late 90s were
    the best time ever to be a fan, thanks to the Monday Night Wars. As Eric Bischoff put it in a WWE Legend’s Roundtable show
    a few years ago, “every Monday Night was like the Super Bowl”. It was an amazing time to be a fan because when WCW went
    head-to-head with WWF Raw on Monday Night both promotions started pulling out all the stops to capture ratings and win
    over viewers. You never knew from week-to-week who was going to jump from one promotion to the next, there was more
    emphasis on actual wrestling, promos blurred the lines of fantasy and reality as stars called out wrestlers and promoters from various
    promotions and you would get to see world class main events and dream matches on virtually a weekly basis. No doubt, the Monday
    Night Wars burned white hot and this new 3-disc DVD set featuring the best of WCW Nitro shows highlights from the WCW side
    of this now legendary era in professional wrestling.
    Now, this set is titled “The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro”, however this isn’t always the case. My only complaint with this long
    overdue look at WCW Nitro is that they included some pretty terrible moments here, that quite frankly, have no business being
    on anything called the “Very Best of…”. The DVD goes in chronological order and tells the history of WCW Nitro by showing
    matches and memorable moments. I wish they hadn’t gone this route because in giving a history lesson on Nitro, WWE has
    included some moments and matches that are terrible. Why not just put together a collection of matches and moments that
    are truly the “Very Best” from the show? This set could’ve been used to celebrate Nitro, instead it’s a history lesson that includes
    horrendous moments that should’ve been left out to allow for more memorable matches and moments to be included. For example,
    WWE included the tedious in-ring speech from Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff in April of 2000 where they took the titles away from all
    the title holders and hit the reset button on WCW. It’s a long, boring segment of mic work that, while it does have historical significance (just
    listen to what Russo, Jarrett and Bischoff say, and you’ll know why WWE wanted to include this), it has no business on a “Very Best of”
    Nitro collection. Also, we have to see footage of Vince buying WCW and gloating over his victory of winning the Monday Night Wars. Vince,
    we get it, you won! Why not let WCW and it’s fans have their time to reflect back on Nitro without reminding everyone the WWE is the
    dominate force in wrestling? Plus, there are a few matches I wouldn’t have included here to represent the best of Nitro. Sting vs Ric Flair
    from the final Nitro is important, again for historical significance, but it’s simply a terrible match from these two. They wrestled better
    matches on other editions of Nitro, why not include one of those? Sid vs Kevin Nash? Yeah, you get the idea…
    With all this aside, this is a pretty good collection worth picking up. It’ll bring back a ton of memories for fans like myself who tuned in
    back in the 90s and will expose new fans to what the Monday Night War was like from the WCW side of things. Diamond Dallas Page
    hosts the DVD and thankfully he’s not WWE’s corporate puppet in this one! DDP said in interviews leading up to this release that he
    had WWE change the script that they wanted him to read because he felt it was loaded with BS. DDP doesn’t introduce every match
    or segment, but when he does talk, he gives an honest perspective on what was happening in WCW at the time. I can’t tell you how
    refreshing this is on a WWE produced WCW release!
    So, overall this is a must buy for serious wrestling fans. You’re going to get a collection containing, I would guess 70% of what I would
    call the “Very Best” of Nitro, plus some poor historical filler, but the good out weighs the bad here. Sting vs Macho Man Randy…

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    Much more good than bad here, August 22, 2011
    This review is from: The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro (DVD)

    It started in September of 1995 and quickly took over the WWE as the king of monday nights in the wrestling world. From bringing in former WWE talent, to the influx of crusierweight wrestlers from all over the world to the New World Order, the highs just seemed to keep coming. Of course eventually there were cracks in the armor and from mid 1999 to the closing in March of 2001 what was once a suprise filled 3 hour show filled with great action and great angles was reduced to being stale, tired and boring.

    This is a 3-disc set of great moments and matches from WCW’s flaghsip show Monday Nitro, hosted by former 3 time WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page he doesn’t just read from a script here as whenever he appears he gives his honest opnions on what was going on in WCW and the world of wrestling at various times during the sets.

    Personally I loved the video package they played to begin the disc, brought back some great and not so great memories.

    Disc 1-The Rise and Takeover

    -9/4/95, Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. “Flyin” Brian Pillman: From the Mall of America its the very first match ever on Nitro and despite a few botched moves its a very good contest, though their ’92 contest was better. Brian rolls up Liger and pins him. 7/10.

    -9/4/95, WCW Championship Match, Hulk Hogan (Champion) vs. Big Bubba: The first main event in Nitro’s history and in typical Hogan fashion he sells for Bubba and hits his usual spots including the big boot and leg drop for the win. Average match, 5/10. The face/off between Lex Luger and Hogan afterwards was fun to see, except Luger sounded stupid as always when he cut a promo.

    -1/8/96, Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage: What a star studded main event tag match this is. Its quite good as there’s a good face/off between Hogan and Flair and both Anderson and Savage get good spots in. Flair and Arn cut off the ring and wear Savage down before Hogan gets the tag. Hogan hits the leg drop on Arn and pins him. 8/10. The aftermath where The Giant chokeslams both Hogan and Savage is pretty good.

    -2/5/96, WCW Tag Team Title Match, Sting & Lex Luger (Champions) vs. The Road Warriors: Hawk and Animal returned shortly before this match and didn’t look like they had missed a step and the champs weren’t far behind them. The match itself isn’t bad, lots of power moves from all the guys. There was some underlying tension between Sting & Luger as Lex was using some dirty tactics that Sting didn’t approve of. Lex hit Animal with a weight lifting plate and covered Animal to keep the tag titles. 7/10.

    -4/29/96, Parking Lot Brawl, Belfast Bruiser vs. Lord Steven Regal: Pretty hard hitting match where these two hit each other off of cars with Bruiser even hitting Regal with a bumper and a couple of windows get shattered when Bruiser hits them. Regal hits a piledriver on the roof of the car and pins Bruiser to win the match. This was a very enjoyable contest. 8/10.

    -5/20/96, Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guerrero: Quite a good contest here, good counter wrestling and Flair made Eddie look great, while Guerrero showed he could hang with a main eventer. Ric locked on the figure four and had to resort to using the ropes and Eddie ended up getting counted down for the three count. Great match, 9/10.

    -5/27/96, Scott Hall’s Nitro Debut: We see Hall come in through the crowd, get in the ring and cut a promo which planted the seeds for the upcoming NWO storyline. Good segment.

    -6/10/96, Kevin Nash’s Nitro Debut: Scott Hall comes down to the announce booth and while Bischoff’s back is turned Nash appears and he cuts a promo saying they’re prepared to go to war.

    -6/24/96, Triple Threat Match For The WCW Tag Team Titles, Sting & Lex Luger (Champions) vs. Harlem Heat vs. The Steiner Brothers: Interesting match here, the pistons didn’t seem to fire right away but once they did the teams worked well together. This one is more remembered for Hall & Nash coming to ringside and security comes down to protect the WCW wrestlers, but during the chaos Luger gets rolled up by Booker T for the 3 count and Harlem Heat are the new Tag Team champions. 6/10.

    -7/8/96, The New World Order Takes Over: The night after Bash At The Beach where Hogan, Hall & Nash formed the NWO we hear from Hogan as he talks about how they will take over and destroy WCW.

    -7/29/96, Backstage Chaos: Jimmy Hart runs to ringside and gets Sting, Savage and Luger to come to the back. We see Hall & Nash beating up wrestlers in the back including Rey Mysterio being thrown head first into a trailer. This actually felt pretty real even for a wrestling show.

    -8/12/96, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Sting & Lex Luger: Starts off with Luger taking on both men, then Sting blind sides Nash & Hall and we have more of a brawl than anything else. 6/10. What this is remembered for is the beginning of…

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    Proof that wrestling really has lost something., June 11, 2011
    B Scott Seal (FORT GEORGE G MEADE, MD, US) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro (DVD)
    Discs One and Two of this set reminded me exactly why WCW was the number one brand in professional wrestling in 1997-98; Disc Three reminded me why the company crashed and burned like a led balloon only 3 years later. The Very Best of Monday Nitro could have been more aptly titled “The Essential Monday Nitro” or “The Rise and Fall of Monday Nitro,” in line with some previous WWE releases regarding their late 90’s competition, as it is really more of a chronology than a “best of” set. The set plays in chronological order, detailing most of the major mile-markers in the history of the program, and is pretty fairly balanced between matches and the non-wrestling segments that gave the 90’s Monday shows their episodic feel. Watching this set really brought back the old feelings of excitement about wrestling. I actually felt more engaged by some of these 15 year-old segments than I do about the current WWE product (and of course the abysmal TNA show).

    As far as the particulars go, I’ll say this:

    PROS –
    * Pretty much all the biggest moments are here.
    * Some of the really memorable moments are actually propped up by some of the less memorable ones, which helped to give the segments a little context that is lost on YouTube.
    * The chronological ordering helps the set to feel like a highlight-reel version of the entire Nitro run.
    * The set does a good job of resisting the urge to cater to the internet-only crowd and doesn’t get buried in 23 different Psychosis vs. Cyclope matches. Those matches were great live, but much like MMA fights, I feel like once they’re done, they’re done. They really don’t have much value 15 years later without any storyline or context.

    CONS –
    * There is no documentary.
    * The diamond-plate sidebars clutter up the screen. I ended up stretching the image to fill the screen so I wouldn’t have to see them.
    * Once things got messy after Starrcade 1997, the highlights were sort of few and far between. Disc Three especially suffers from a lack of great moments. Still, it does a good job of chronicling the facts of the WCW world in 99-01.
    * The WWE continues the annoying practice of replacing certain theme songs with generic music beds. The worst offense here is changing Hogan’s theme from Voodoo Child to the main nWo theme for his match with Goldberg. I know why they do it…but it still sucks.

    Again, the thing that will be most apparent to the viewer will be the reaons why WCW ended up going out of business. The fresh, fast paced, and exciting content of the first two discs gives way to a plodding, repetitive, jarbled mess on disc three. When seen back-to-back and quickly as presented on these discs, the causes of WCW’s demise become crystal clear. All things considered though, I can say this was easily the most satisfying WCW release yet from WWE.


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