this morning…

this morning…
Image by sandcastlematt
…I did not expect to find my route to work blocked by guys in hazmat suits hosing each other down while standing in kiddie pools. But, i guess that’s standard procedure when Harvard has a chemical spill.

12 thoughts on “this morning…

  1. that IS odd. What I wonder is, do they carry a kiddie pool around with them for these situations or did they just grab some kids pool from the vicinity.

  2. there were actually three kiddie pools – all identical. I guess they must be standard issue, complete with the little rainbowy circles.

  3. Ha! Just those large letters saying DECON are so good, and so … well … so American! 😉 As candid street scene shots go, Matt, this is a winner. Great story – what makes it so funny is all those primary colours, looks as if they’re in some children’s T.V. game show.

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