Tied Up in Knots – An Identity Metaphor ~ 2 of 5 photos

Tied Up in Knots – An Identity Metaphor ~ 2 of 5 photos
Image by Urban Woodswalker
Figure sits on a rusty "found" spring. Figure is removable.

The inner core is a cardboard toilet paper tube, upon which I wrapped and knotted thick natural cotton rope.

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22 thoughts on “Tied Up in Knots – An Identity Metaphor ~ 2 of 5 photos

  1. Wow… I’m not sure I can see the face… Do you think you could sorta edit one of these photos in PhotoShop just showing us the basics of what is what? I’d really like to know. =)

    But this is awesome. Spectacular!! I’m very impressed. I’ve never done any art therapy but I would love to try it sometime. I’d like to see what I could do and I’d like to get an idea of what some of the things might sort of represent… I’ve always wanted to do those ink blot picture test things too… but I’ve never had a chance to do them… I think it would be interesting. =)

  2. Its difficult to "see" the face in any but photo 1 of this set. But you know, its not that important i quess…since its about identity. Right?


  3. True… I think I was able to see it, if it’s only really visible in the first photo. It was after I checked out the rest, that I questioned whether what I saw was what you were talking about or not. =) I’d love to try this sometime… but I doubt I’d be able to get the knots to join together in any kind of way. =)

  4. Oh no…my fine art is personal, and extremely rewarding. I so enjoy it! This was a total please to do …except the painting on such a dimensional rough rope surface was arduous after a while.

    As for the knots…I doubt I could do this again either! It just happened….all by itself! 😉

  5. Thank you Al
    ofterntimes its quite like a herd of stampeding Buffalo….other times, I cannot create anything….I have been in a lull for a few months now.

  6. ANOTHER figure that is otherworldly! Wild! I love your unique colorings for your sculptures! This figure appears to outwardly "glow" with several colors. Terrific, and very inspirational!

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