Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag (Black, Large)

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag (Black, Large)

  • Durable oxford nylon fabric feels smooth and has a subtle sheen.
  • Waterproof TPU liner.
  • Classic Messenger fit.
  • Improved TSA compliant external laptop compartment unzips and lies flat for going through security without removing your laptop.
  • Crater laptop sleeve: superior foam protection with twice the ventilation.
  • Clever zipper placement along the laptop compartment enables you to grab the bag and go whether zipped or unzipped
  • Durable oxford nylon fabric feels smooth and has a subtle sheen
  • High density foam laptop sleeve with crater holes for breezy air circulation; Includes a separate padded area for your iPad
  • TSA compliant laptop compartment unzips to lie flat for airport security; Note: Some TSA folks don’t like device sandwiches and may ask you to remove one device before screening
  • True fit cam buckle for single-handed adjustments

TSA-compliant laptop portage meets urban sophistication.

List Price: $ 149.00

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3 thoughts on “Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag (Black, Large)

  1. 63 of 63 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressive. Im hooked., April 2, 2012
    W. L. Holder (Phoenix, AZ, USA) –

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    I am rough on my bags. My office is at a power plant, and I travel constantly. I put a lot of abuse on my bags. I have worn out many, many, laptop bags, computer cases, and backpacks dragging them around with me to all of these locations. I finally resorted to using a military backpack that was specially made for the US Army Rangers to use in Afganistan, that one seems to hold up, but it lacks that ‘professional’ look. (professional soldier YES, but not professional desk jockey)

    I had the chance to try this bag out and I must say I am impressed. While it has not been put through the ringer for months on end yet, I can tell right away this is MUCH better than the rest of the laptop cases and computer bags I have used in the past. It is thick and heavy, sturdy stitched, comfortable, and roomy. This thing is great.

    Starting with the laptop pocket, yes it folds out so it will supposedly be TSA legal to put through the x-ray scanner at the airport, but tell that to the TSA person who’s yelling for you to take it out. It may meet their guidelines, but just take it out anyway or you’ll argue away any time you tried to save. The pocket is padded nicely and easy to access without having to open the entire bag up. Nice secure zipper. Even has a smaller padded pocket inside that one to perfectly hold my iPad. Nice touch!

    The remainder of the bag is great too. Nice little pockets for odds-n-ends, and water bottle holder on the side. The interior is roomy, more so than it seems by looking. Once you start putting things in, it just keeps filling, its like the clown car of messenger bags. Best part, after I crammed way too much in there, it was still comfortable to carry.

    I particularly like the buckles for the flap. Not sure if ‘buckle’ is the right word, but whatever you call them, I like them. Im tired of breaking buckles or snaps, or the plastic clips. The ‘c-ring’ type buckle is quick, easy, and secure. Its a small thing, but the small things are what separate ok items from great ones. The straps and everything else are just right, comfortable and easy to adjust.

    Overall, this is just one heck of a well designed and well thought out bag. My opinion of this is that it seems to be designed by a USER, instead of some designer somewhere trying to make what he thinks someone would want. This screams that someone who actually uses these bags designed it, which from the info I read seems to be how this company started out.

    ***UDATE 12/27/12*** I spent most of 2012 traveling every week for work. Meaning airports Monday and Friday, rental cars, and my days spent at power plants. This is STILL my laptop bag, and it still looks great, still works perfect, and believe it or not, still doesnt even have ONE tear or popped stitch I can find. This product is MADE TO LAST!


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  2. 37 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Command Messenger 2012 comparative review, May 21, 2012

    The Command Messenger 2012 seems to me to be an excellent EDC (Every Day Carrier) for students and business folks with a caveat for some depending on there every day needs.

    I started carrying the last gen D-lux laptop messenger bondage in medium. Overall it was a great bag with lots of room. For example you could carry a gallon of water and there was still a little room left in the width of the bag, so it was able to carry quite a sufficient load. The whole interior was visibly lined with TPU, so you don’t mind putting things like shoes or other “messy”items inside the bag as it cleans out very nicely. The laptop sleeve in the back was a bit lack luster and the hight of the bag did limit the laptops that you could carry without having them pop out of the top a little. Additionally he compression straps on the bottom were a nice touch when you were carrying a smaller load for the day. However the modular origination on the inside left something to be desired especially as there didn’t seem to really be any additional anything you could attach to them. So I figured for school the Command seemed like it would be a better fit, and it was

    I purchased this bag in medium and was immediately taken aback by how much thinner the main compartment was. And yes I saw the difference in the measurements before hand but it still was a bit of a shock at first glance. That would be my word of warning. If you are the type that carries quite a substantial amount of books, a computer, etc. this may not be ideal for you. On the flip side it did make me realize just how much I was carrying that I did not need to so in my case the downsize was for the better. The other thing you may worry about but will be a pleasant surprise is the Oxford nylon. I’ll admit I was a bit leery when I read it was not the “bomb proof” nylon as in there classic messengers but I was pleasantly surprised. It still feels quite tough but with more refined characteristics. I feel that it will be sufficient for all but the most abusive of there bags. The last “drawback” might be the strap pad. It is not like the classic at all. it is much thinner with only a suggestive amount of padding. That said as long as you don’t overload the bag you should be fine, but I suspect this is where personal preference will come in, and if need be a better strap pad they have many options available. Now, enough nitpicking and onto the good stuff.

    You will note by it measurements that it is a bit taller then the classics. This is great, as it is made more for an academia and business setting this affords you the ability to papers and most books in an upright position without affecting the closing of the top of the bag. So in doing so you will have a bit of room on the ends of the bag for my miscellaneous whatever’s. Just keep in mind that width wise you only have the depth for about 2 moderately thick books before you start jamming the rest in. They put back the classic internal organizer, big thumbs up there. And in front of that there is a thin pocket that runs almost length of the bag that is fairly thin. This is great for stand alone files and folders and it keeps them nicely separate and protected from the main compartment. Additionally there is an even smaller zippered pocket in there as well, I suspect to keep you more sensitive documents, and items out of sight from any prying eyes. It’s very discrete and easy for others to miss altogether. The front organizer is quite standard: 1 Napoleon, 3 zippered pockets, one key chain leash. This one has the added bonus of Velcro silencers, a big plus for those in a quiet environment. Fear not, they are easily removed if its not your cup of tea. Along those lines the flap closure secure with smooth metal hooks that aid to a perfectly quiet opening when silence is key. They also give a nice look of sophistication to the bag compared to plastic buckles.

    Below all this is a zippered pocket that runs along the length of the bottom of the bag to stow you laptop charger cable and miscellaneous cords. Excellent addition to the bag. Supper handy. Just 2 words of caution, there is no padding down there so don’t drop the bag when its loaded and there is no TPU down there either so stay clear of puddle’s when its loaded as well. The handle on the top of the bag is quite nice as well but if the flap is not secured it does carry a bit odd. As well the shoulder strap is removable as well if you not going for that look. Another plus is the cup holder. For those who carry the bag on there right side it will be readily accessible, for our left sided friends however, not so much.

    The laptop compartment is nice as it is on its own in the back and you can get to your notebook or tablet without having to open the bag in its entirety. It is worth wile to mention that the tablet sleeve has not additional padding from the laptop its just a velvet like patch pocket with a small Velcro closure at the…

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  3. 37 of 42 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Such a HUGE improvement over the 2011 model!, April 2, 2012
    Kevin Nicholls “jaded, aging hipster” (Milford, MI) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    I’m becoming such a Timbuk2 aficionado, I’m beginning to wonder if I have a problem. I’m changing laptop bags more frequently than my wife changes purses.

    Anyway… owning the 2011 Command bag (as well as the original Commute, the Timbuk2 Commute 2.0, and Timbuk2 D-Lux messenger), I was going to pass up this bag, because of my collection, I was most disappointed with my Command.

    Well, everything I disliked about last year’s Command has been addressed this year, and it’s now a favorite of mine. The laptop sleeve has been redesigned to actually protect a laptop now, and the addition of the tablet sleeve is brilliant.

    The strange piecemeal interior holders have been replaced by a useful stitched-in pocket with more pockets, pouches, and holders. And finally, the strap has been replaced with infinitely more functional clasps. And from the very beginning, I was in love with the velcro covers (as in: covers that prevent the flap from… uh… “Velcroing” to the bag) on the outside, and keep-dry velcro on the inside. This is the bag Timbuk2 should have been selling last year.

    Unless you adore the iconic Timbuk2 Messenger look, or prefer the quick plastic snap-tabs to the metal hook-and-loop, there’s really no reason to choose the D-Lux over the Command.

    05/16/2012 Update
    Seriously, I love this bag so much, it’s replaced my work bag full-time, and I’ve ordered another for my “not-work” computer.

    One thing I have to point out: a few weeks ago, I picked up the Timbuk2 Deluxe Messenger Bag Strap Pad, and it’s heaven. It’s SO much better than the shoulder pad that comes with the Command (or any other Timbuk2 bag), you absolutely owe it to yourself to pick it up.

    The included pad isn’t bad, but the Deluxe is SO worth it!


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